The Gambia: soft adventure, sun and sand

From the lush tropical landscape of Kenya to the rocky mountains of Nepal, it is easy to see why The Gambia has become a destination of choice for many different travellers. The Gambia is a tropical island located between Senegal and Mauritania. It is the largest island in West Africa, and the sixth largest island in the world.

This “island within an island” is dotted with the long sandy beaches and large open stretches of open sea. The island provides an incredibly comfortable climate for visitors. With a mild southern heat and great overall weather, The Gambia is a great choice for warm weather holidays. The Mediterranean suns and spectacular rainforests are an attraction for a variety of travellers.

The Gambia is the most peaceful and gentle of African countries, yet one that is also a haven for adventure seekers. If a peaceful and gentle life is more your style, then you will not be disappointed by the lure of The Gambia. There are plenty of adventure sports available here that can be enjoyed by guests from all over the world.

Why The Gambia Is A Fun and Rich Choice For Adventure Tourists

People who like to have a really active and exciting holiday should consider kayaking, snorkelling and mountain climbing. It is very easy to get access to these activities on the island. There are also lots of easy sports to partake in on the island. No matter which adventure sport you enjoy most, there are plenty of places to see and be seen. If you don’t like the places, there are also plenty of activities to keep you entertained and busy, so that you can spend your time in The Gambia.

Horse-riding is an enjoyable and affordable sport on The Gambia. Many hosts of travellers take the opportunity to offer horse-riding lessons. There are many “anabaptist” courses available on the island. These lessons will help you become an expert at horse-riding and will help you feel very connected to the horse. If you feel a bit fidgety and need more balance in your movements, there are also lessons available that will help you develop your upper body strength.

Bodybuilding is a great sport to participate in on The Gambia. While there are no fitness centres on the island, it is possible to do exercises at a fitness centre. Be aware that while it is possible to find exercise equipment, it will be very expensive on The Gambia. The island is not a very wealthy country, so you can expect that the sports equipment will run up a lot of costs. However, if you do your research and find the cheapest place, you can usually find an exercise machine to match any budget.

The climate is fairly cold, which makes the temperatures rather cold in the winter and warm in the summer. However, in the winter it can be a bit humid, but that is very rarely.

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