Commercial Photography

Professional photojournalism is now in its third generation. There is a significant shift in the professional photographers, with the exception of the iconic and cutting-edge professional photographer, turning away from the allure of classic styles and back to the basics and the principles of photography.

As a photographer I am used to working for a very specific client, or clients, and commercial photography is no different. As such, I have experienced the less glamorous side of commercial photography and understood what photographers in the 21st century need to understand. Commercial photography is still the best way to capture the true essence of your clients.

Commercial photography relies on the different perspectives, the different situations and the different perspectives of the subject of the photographs. The fact that the story can be told in a different light. The best way to achieve this is to create very different looking images and then using contrast, color, light and the composition to use in different angles to make the story the most compelling. In fact, the photographer should be able to do this not just with the subjects and the key moment, but for everything the image portrays.

Professional Photojournalism for Today

For example, a beauty spot may well have a smaller group of models. The models may be in flattering poses. A couple may be in a luxurious or romantic pose. There may be lots of people having a relaxing or passionate pose. A promotional commercial photo shoot may be very different from the commercial photo shoot for a specific, and very important, client.

Another way of thinking about commercial photography is that the photographer is the first voice for the business or company. Even if the photograph is in a private setting, they are the one responsible for representing the company, their image and how the company should be represented. This means that the photographer must be very careful to choose the right images and ensure that the tone, the feel and the composition of the image are correct. This has been proven to be the key to a commercial photographer success in the modern age.

Using commercial photography, you have to be very careful about the way you present your subject. If the photographer has the proper marketing skills and artistry then they can tell their story in a very different way. The images are also, most of the time, digitally altered. You can turn the subjects or photographs into a marketing image, but only if you have the expertise and talent to make the images compelling and appealing.

Commercial photography is a way of showcasing and communicating the message and the customer image for a client or the organisation. To be successful in commercial photography, you need to work out exactly what the clients want, why they are interested in the product or service you are selling and then implement your marketing plan to ensure the client sees your brand as very important.

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